Polygraph Examinations

LJ Polygraph ServicesLJ Polygraph Services are the polygraph examiners of Gladiator Community Protection. They are associate members of the American Polygraph Association and received training as professional polygraphists from the internationally accredited Academy for Scientific Investigative Training (Mr Nathan Gordon – truthdoctor@polygraph-training.com).

Our examiners are highly equipped for polygraph assistance in the investigation of criminal cases. They are frequently utilised by SAPS investigators in investigations and the determination of reliability of witnesses.

All polygraph examinations are performed in accordance with the requirements of the American Polygraph Association (APA). The Lafayette 4000 computerised polygraph system is utilised in all polygraph procedures. The technicques used by the examiners, as well as the Ethical Code of the APA, specifies that at least two charts are administered on all examinees. The examiners mostly administer the Integrated Zone of Comparison Technique utilising the same questions in three separate charts. This examination technique is a reliable question technique, which has been accepted by the APA as a validated question technique.

All examinations are manually scored by utilising the Horizontal Scoring System and the Examiner's Algorithm System. The Horizontal Scoring System was developed at the Academy for Scientific Investigative Training in 1981 as a means of eliminating subjectivity in scoring of charts. The Examiner's Algorithm System is a mathematical method developed at the Academy for Scientific Investigative Training in 1997, which is designed to apply objective mathematical equations to measure the charts and thus removing any subjectivity of the examiner.