Monitoring of Alarms and Armed Response Units

  • Intruder detection systems are monitored from an intruder proof SAIDSA standard control room staffed by alert and qualified personnel
  • The operator is informed of all patrol vehicle movements, panic alarms and detection of intruders
  • In the event of a local or national power failure, power is supplied by a standby emergency generator, in addition to the required uninterrupted power supply
  • Management and senior staff are all available 24 hours per day to attend to matters of a more serious nature and to give guidance to personnel where needed
  • Our control room is equipped to provide off-site CCTV monitoring for the purpose of intrusion identification and data collection of incidents


CCTV Remote Off-site Monitoring

Gladiator identified the need for off-site CCTV monitoring in the industry. Remote off-site CCTV monitoring gives immediate and efficient support to all existing security provision, whether it is physical or electronic security.

We provide dedicated, trusted and reliable network streaming solutions which include video verification and remote, interactive monitoring. We are able to monitor any CCTV systems from small, entry level systems with only a few cameras, to large installations.

The cameras, alarm systems and detectors at a client’s site are being integrated with the recommended Heitel or other CCTV video transmission and or recording equipment. Our control centre makes provision for audible and visual alarms. When an alarm, integrated with our system is being activated, it immediately transmits pre, post and live images to our control centre, from where we can intervene remotely by dual directional audio and relay activated intervention, such as switching on lights, opening doors or releasing fog in the area of intrusion.

The dual communication function has excellent value when it comes to remote access control, such as opening gates for deliveries after clearing it with the relevant client representative etc.



  • Reduction in cost on physical security on-site
  • Interaction (visual & audio) with physical security, ensuring production on-site
  • Remote opening & closing of entry-exit points as discussed above (after hours)
  • Early warning detection of fire for timeous evacuation
  • Access to your site from any location (client)
  • Remote access material stored off-site (events) – no risk of event video evidence being removed
  • Incidents can be tracked and traced